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December 11, 2018 | The Stewart Hotel | New York, NY
An executive summit exploring the convergence of online & offline publishing in the magazine, catalog, and book markets.
Tuesday, December 11, 2018
Manhattan NYC, The Stewart Hotel

What is the DigiPub Conference?

For the first time, technology is making it possible to connect our online and offline behavior.  Rapid innovation around digital printing, data integration, and marketing automation technologies is enabling magazine, catalog, and book publishers to capitalize on the rich behavioral and demographic customer data they gather online to increase direct sales and drive higher CPMs.

Magazine, Catalog & Book Publishers and Printers that attend DigiPub will learn about:

  • The powerful impact of connecting online and offline behavior.
  • Combining digital printing technology with online technology and data to create targeted print publications and marketing campaigns.
  • Leveraging existing audience & consumer data and insights to personalize printed content and drive sales.
  • Adding a layer of measurability to print in order to demonstrate ROI, increase CPMs, and enable print to compete with online marketing dollars
  • Personalizing the print user's experience
The stars are starting to align such that innovations in digital printing, data science, and marketing automation will enable marketers to marry the scale and measurability of online marketing with the meaningful impact of printed products. These developments should spur new excitement around an embattled but resilient communication channel.
Denis Wilson, EIC, Publishing Executive & Book Business

Our speakers and advisors are a hand-picked crew that represent decades of experience in the publishing industry.

Denis Wilson Book Business & Publishing Executive, Editor in Chief
Marco Boer IT Strategies, Vice President


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